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The group has decided that whilst germination takes place we will water the beans as normal. This means that we will water the seed every other day and we agreed as a group how much water to give the seed. Each group member has a plastic cup with a line marked on the cup, this line represents the amount of water that should be given every other day to the seed.

As a group we planted the seeds in the same way, each group member filled a white plastic cup halfway up with soil. We then placed the bean on the soil and filled the plastic cup up the rest of the way. We also agreed that the bean should be kept on a window sill but not near any heating appliances.

Once the seedling sprouts (is visible to the eye) we will begin the experiment. We decided this because we believe that the seeds will sprout at different times. Each group member will continue to water their plant with either: tea, salt water, sugar water and normal tap water. For the salt and sugar solutions – one teaspoon of either salt or sugar will be added to the agreed water amount. We will water the plant every other day as before.

Each day we will measure the growth of the bean. We will measure the bean from the top of the soil using a mm ruler. The group has decided that we will do this for eight days, day one will be when the plant is visible. We will record our results on a table. Once all group members have their results we shall compare findings.


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