Control Bean

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Day 1: Planted bean in soil and agreed with group amount of water to be added every other day. Watered seed today-here goes!

Day 3: Seed has germinated! Added second amount of water today. Was quite exciting to see something sprout from the soil. Hopefully as the control plant, mine will grow quickly and healthily!

Day 5: Plant is growing quickly. It has healthy looking green leaves and appears to be growing quite straight. It is now 70mm tall….Success!

Day 7: Plant seems to have stopped growing for some reason, or else is not growing as quickly. (80mm)Am not sure why this is, think I may have overwatered it the other day. Am now quite worried that plant will stop growing/die. Added slightly less water today just in case.

Day 9: Control bean is back on track-it has grown quite a bit over the last 2 days and sprouted a few more leaves. It is now 130mm tall. It still looks healthy and strong. I am relieved!

Day 11: This plant is growing very rapidly…I may have to remove it from my windowsill in order to see out the window! It is now 175mm in height and full of leaves. Obviously, the combination of regular water and sunlight has done the trick- I wonder how the other beans have fared with salty water and tea, etc!

Day 13: The bean plant is now at the majestic height of 200mm (more or less-there are leaves poking out everywhere!) It is perfectly green, straight, strong and healthy. As this is our control bean, I am delighted that it has sprouted and grown so uneventfully, apart from the slight hiccup in Day 7! I feel quite proud of my plant!


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Salty Bean

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